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Wouldn’t it be nice if your trousers didn’t always feel just a little bit tighter after the weekend? Deep down, we all know that we should only eat high calorie treats in ‘moderation’ as part of a healthy diet. But what is moderation? Once a day, once a week, once a month? It used to be ‘oooh I haven’t had a chocolate bar for weeks’ I deserve a treat, but now there are so many different varieties of high calorie foods readily available that, you may have had a chocolate bar this morning, but you can convince yourself you deserve something else, because you haven’t had a brownie/pastry/muffin/ice cream etc for ages.

We live in a world where we are surrounded by calorie laden, sugary, high fat foods. Everywhere you go, chances are you will be able to pick up a snack along the way. We are built to seek and desire food, we need it to survive. However, it is only relatively recently that pre-prepared food has become so readily available, unfortunately coinciding with increasingly sedentary lifestyles. We therefore have to exert self-control every moment of every day not to succumb to temptation of high calorie foods we don’t need. This is hard work and it is much easier just to buy the delicious looking brownie, enjoy it and worry about the tight trousers later! It also doesn’t help that we all lead such busy lives and it’s easier to pick up something on the run than sit down for a healthy meal.

The reason why many fad diets may seem to work in the first few weeks, is because they have easily understood rules: ‘fast for two days a week’ or ‘cut out a whole food group’. These rules may be easy to follow and result in you eating less calories initially and therefore losing weight, but they often don’t fit in to everyday ways of living, so they’re not sustainable for long periods of time so you go back to your old habits and put the weight back on (probably now with a higher percent body fat, yes I will keep saying it!). 

How about this for a diet plan- just don’t snack.

Eat three filling meals a day containing some wholegrain starchy carbohydrates that will keep you going until the next meal and just tell yourself you are not allowed anything between meals and get into the habit of it. Test your self-control. Let yourself get a little bit hungry and just try and wait until your next meal. I know, radical hey?!  Then it really will be a very rare treat when you allow yourself a brownie at tea time!

I’ll develop this radical eating regime more in my next post…



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