During her time working in government Rachel has led fundamental research into infant and child nutrition as well as into folic acid, vitamin D and sugar. As a mother of two young children herself (one with a long list of food allergies), Rachel knows all about the difficulties and challenges of trying to feed children balanced, nutritious and exciting meals. Along with everything else there is to think about in bringing up a child, the stress caused by working out what they should be eating, let alone what they would like to be eating is a tremendous challenge often at a time of sleep deprivation. It can be especially difficult when coping with children with food allergies and providing food to children at different stages of their development and with different preferences.

Rachel offers informal up to date advice around the introduction of complementary/weaning foods, when to do it, what to avoid, whether the go with baby led weaning or purees, advice on pre-prepared foods, advice of coping with food allergies as well as looking at some of the equipment you might need. She can organise a small group to come to her home or can come to you if you already have a group organised.

If you are interested please contact Rachel to hear about future dates or to discuss an individual consultation:  [email protected]

Feedback from parents:

‘I can highly recommend Rachel and her expertise! She helped me confidently wean my son in line with latest research and thinking! Totally different experience than I had with my first!’

‘Very warm and approachable, lots of opps for questions’

Thank you so much? You are SO knowledgeable’

‘It was all so helpful and interesting. It was interesting to learn how soon meals can be introduced.’

‘I am fascinated by the science and your extensive knowledge’